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Article: Yellow slippers- why they look so awesome?

Yellow slippers- why they look so awesome?

Yellow slippers- why they look so awesome?

Looking for a yellow slipper and not finding anything?

Yellow is an amazing colour ! Yellow slippers look damn attractive and catchy in prints when used with other bright colors. If you like yellow, that means you like brighter colors. Colors which give us positivity, freshness, energy an makes us feel superb.

NoStrain design team proudly presents yellow colour slippers in amazing two new prints.


A print designed specially by NoStrain design team to show the various shapes twisted in different ways. The colors are strikingly bold and the combination looks sharp and catchy with yellow being the main color.

The TwistedGeo yellow color slipper is available for both men and women. Yellow being the base color is very well supported by Red, Black and Green. The mens slipper sizes start from size 6 and are available up-till size 11. The women sizes are available from size 3 to size 7. Also, a point to note is that the mens slippers have a thicker strap, while women slippers have slimmer straps. These are made of the best grade of rubber in Thailand. The sole and straps are both made up of rubber.


A print which signifies the wild side of design. GoWild is not a traditional wild print which we se often. It has dash of multiple colors to make it more vibrant and fashionable. Made with pastel shades of pink, blue and green, this slipper will make you feel younger and closer to the nature!

The GoWild yellow color slipper is also available in men and women sizes. Men can have a look at and women can find their size at . Needless to say that the yellow slippers in GoWild print are made of the top grade rubber.

Your choice of a new pair of yellow slipper ends here at NoStrain!

Do write to us to know what in a yellow slipper will make you look better?

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