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Article: Anti-Skid Flip-Flops for Senior Citizens/Elderly

Anti-Skid Flip-Flops for Senior Citizens/Elderly

Anti-Skid Flip-Flops for Senior Citizens/Elderly

Flip-flop slippers, better known as chappals in Indian households, have become popular footwear for their comfort and convenience. Starting from celebrities to a five-year-old kid, everyone seems to be flaunting flip-flops with their everyday wear.

But are these slippers good for senior citizens or elderly people?

The difficulty, rather the risk that most flip-flops for elders have, is their tendency to skid!

Fall risk is the major cause of fatal or non-fatal injuries among elders. About 20% of such falls result in serious injuries in seniors and the bathroom is the most common place where elderly people skid the most on those slippery surfaces. On top of that, if they wear flip-flops made of synthetic materials or EVA, the chances of skidding increase.

Although most doctors recommend slippers with fasteners for elders, they are not convenient to wear at home all the time. Thus, flip-flop sandals that are without fasteners, if considered for elders, should have the anti-skid property.

The best anti-slip flip-flops for senior citizens should have shallow treads in the soles for a tight grip. These treads make it difficult to lose balance and fall in slippery conditions.

The best material for such flip-slop slippers is natural rubber!

Natural rubber contains solids, suspended in milky fluid, known as latex, predominantly found in tropical and sub-tropical trees, but mainly Hevea brasiliensis. Most importantly, rubber is hydrophobic, thus not absorbing water. Hence, they do not skid on wet surfaces. Also, on harder surfaces like floors and hardwoods, rubber has good traction properties. Rubber flip-flops are robust enough to wear anywhere, whether outdoors or indoors.

With all the factors in mind, we, at NoStrain, designed our flip-flop slippers with 100% natural rubber. Our rubber slippers are comfortable enough to wear anywhere you want to. Anti-skid in nature, thus, safe for elders to wear on slippery surfaces.

NoStrain’s motto is “no strain to your knees” and “no strain to our environment”. We consider footwear to be a natural extension. Natural rubbers are easily decomposed as they are biodegradable in nature and NoStrain’s rubber flip-flops are super comfortable for elders too!

This is how we take care of your feet as well as nature.

NoStrain’s flip-flop slippers are available in various colors and designs, curated specially by our design team.

To check our collection, visit us at NoStrain – Fast Growing, Most Trusted Slippers & Flip Flops Online Store

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