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Why “NoStrain”?

At NoStrain our main objective is to provide comfortable footwear that’s stylish and sustainable. No strain goes with the aim of providing ‘no strain’ to your knees and ‘no strain’ to our environment.

How does footwear affect the knees and your body?

Wearing wrong or poor-quality footwear can strain your knees, heels and also your hips. Knees and hips are the largest joints in your body and they’re responsible for supporting the body weight. NoStrain evaluates and compares various qualities, materials and resources to create the most comfortable footwear for you.

Are the products 100% vegan?

We are 100% vegan. We are 100% leather free and will always be!

Is customization available?

As of now we don’t provide any customization in our footwear.

Is your packaging sustainable too?

Just like our products we’ve made conscious efforts in creating eco-friendly packaging. We use recycled paper for our tags & packaging box and reusable cloth bags for our flip-flops.

Will you be making more products/styles/colours?

We are constantly trying to expand our range with better products. We plan to introduce some additional styles in the future with eco-friendly materials, as always.

Do you ship to my city?

We ship our products all over India.

How do I track my order?

Once your order is confirmed/shipped, you’ll receive all the updates on your email and/or WhatsApp.

Where does my order come from?

We get our footwear manufactured from various factories based in Thailand, Vietnam and India. Our design center and warehouse are located at Noida (Delhi NCR) from where we ship the footwear to you.

Can I return the product?

Yes, we do accept returns. Please refer to our “return & exchange policy” to understand the criteria under which we accept the returns.