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Cork sandals for women by NoStrain with matching dress outfit
Couple wearing Cork sandals for men and women by NoStrain

Cork Sandals For Men

Featherweight vegan cork sandals made of ICork footbed for a stylish, comfortable & sustainble styling!

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NoStrain different color cork sandals for women for different occasions

Cork Sandals For Women

Colorful, comfortable, vegan, featherweight sandals for women

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rubber slippers for men by NoStrain

Rubber Slippers for Men

Made of soft, premium natural rubber sole & straps.

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Rubber Slippers For Women

Colorful, bright flip-flops made from natural rubber

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Customer Reviews

"My choice for a perfect and comfort fit! "

Harshad Atkari

"Premium vegan leather & velcro closure makes it a classy footwear"

Sahasra Reddy

"Incredibly Soft, Flexible, and Grippy Rubber Slippers!"

Rinku Agarwal

"Walking Together with NoStrain: A Commitment to Comfort"

Dilpreet Kaur

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