Why should you choose footwear made with cork?

Why should you choose footwear made with cork?

Cork footwear is the most in fashion sole these days specially in open footwear like sandals and sliders. There are many reasons to choose footwear made with cork and they go as below:

  1. Cork footwear sole looks premium & luxurious: Cork footbed generally replaces EVA footbed. EVA is like plastic! Cork footbed does look much nicer and more premium than an EVA footbed. Cork footwear does look stylish. With not many brands using cork as the sole, they look different, premium and good!
  1. Cork is natural: Cork is made from natural materials. Its is produced from the bark of Oak trees. Choosing a footwear with cork makes a wise decision because cork does not harm nature. Since it is natural, it has no degradability problems. Also, there is no damage done to the oak trees to get cork.
  2. Cork footbed is flexible: Cork footbed is generally made of rubber to bind the cork material. This makes the cork footbed very flexible and comfortable to wear.

The cork footbed moulds as per the shape of the feet. People using cork footbed footwear have conveyed their special liking for the sole.

  1. Cork is durable: Cork footwear are extremely durable and can last a few years of use. Though a little expensive, it pays of to buy a cork footwear in long run. Users of cork footbed have a habit of keeping their footwear clean as they continue to serve them for years.
  2. Cork regulates moisture in your feet: Cork being porous in nature regulates moisture in your feet. It keeps sweat and foul odour away. The chances of development of harmful bacteria are much less.

Now you are aware of the benefits of cork footwear, we at NoStrain provide you an exciting range of cork sandals. These sandals have been made with the most luxurious cork + rubber footbed. To match this high quality, we have used the best grade of vegan leather in our uppers. Our range of cork footwear comes in striking colours to make you stand out! Choose your favourite colour of cork sandals here.

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