Best Twin-Color Flip-Flops IN India

Best Twin-Color Flip-Flops IN India

Nothing screams summer more than the sound of flip-flops flipping and flopping at the beach or the pool. And with the recent resurgence of the twin-color Y-shaped flip-flops and slippers are making a comeback into mainstream fashion once again.

The dual-colored flip-flops are once again in vogue and NoStrain’s specially curated contrasting play of colors is what summer dreams are made of. These ethically sourced vegan flip-flops are definitely a must-buy to complete your summer looks

Olive & Black Flip-Flops

This 100% natural rubber flip-flop in olive green and black are cool and chic and literally the perfect pair for the summers. The lightweight of the pair is ideal for a stroll around the neighborhood as well as for running down the ocean and dance around the waves. And these soft rubber slippers can be worn at home, as well. Designed for men and women, these olive and black flip-flops are definitely a must-have for all year-round.

Melon Red & Grey Flip-Flops

These 100% natural pure rubber sole slippers for ladies and gentlemen in melon red and grey make for a simple yet elegant flip-flop. It matches well with any and every outfit one can possibly imagine and this lightweight rubber chappal can literally be termed as the best soft rubber slippers online, right now. This pair is ideal as a home flip-flop as well as for daily grocery runs.

Grey & Cornflower Blue Flip-Flops

Grey and cornflower blue are two classic colors that are nothing but magical when together. These contrasting shade flip-flops, made from 100% natural rubber exported from Thailand make for a climate-conscious and eco-friendly alternative to the classic blue and grey chappals that are famous in India. The contrast-twin colors slippers from NoStrain are versatile and pair well with a white cotton saree as easily as it pairs with a classic denim and grey tee.

Designed for both, men and women, it is ideal for beaches and pools, long walks and as a home chappal too

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