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Why are sustainable products more expensive?

We all have observed that all sustainable products are expensive than general products. To take a simple example, organic cotton t-shirts are at least 2 times more expensive than normal cotton t-shirts. Similarly for all products, the work organic/ eco-friendly/ compostable/ degradable etc. make the product expensive.

We have been developing sustainable footwear products since 2021. Our research and efforts have revealed the following reasons as to why the sustainable products more expensive:

why are sustainable products more expensive
Why are sustainable products more expensive
  1. Sustainable/ organic/ environmental/compostable / degradable materials are expensive than the normal man made/ non-environmentally friendly materials.
  2. Volumes of sustainable materials is too low as compared to normal materials leading to a higher overhead on sustainable materials.
  3. Less number of suppliers or vendors. The network which provides these materials is much smaller than the network which provides general materials.
  4. High margin expectations by new sustainable brands.
  5. Handling or say working with natural materials is sometimes tougher and costlier than handling manmade materials.
  6. The general products have established process chains which have been there for years. You don’t need to test their capabilities and work with them. The sustainable products have to research, try, practice and develop this chain from scratch. Not all vendors, factories are comfortable working with newer unused materials.
  7. General products or say fast fashion products just have to look & feel good to the consumer. The sustainable products have lot more than this to achieve!

As a consumer you have a choice to choose fast fashion products which are cheaper or choose sustainable fashion products which are cheaper forever. Overall cost (monetary, environmental, & health) impact of sustainable products on us is much lesser than the fast fashion products.

At NoStrain we are working hard to enhance the sustainable material usage in our footwear. We are always trying ways to create sustainable footwear which don’t pinch your pocket. As a footwear brand we are responsible for our offerings!

Why are sustainable products more expensive