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Is there a Footwear Brand that takes Sustainability seriously?

The year 1887 marked the first flourishment of the footwear industry in India. Ever since then, the footwear market is booming with innovation and modern machinery.

But what about sustainability?

Is there any footwear brand where we can find eco-friendly shoes?

Indian footwear is mostly handcrafted. But it is this craftsmanship that makes our footwear unique as well as popular in foreign countries. Hence, every other footwear brand takes this craftsmanship to be their priority.

But are they using biodegradable materials?

Foam, leather, rubber, plastic, and textiles are some common materials that are being used in our shoes. But, as we know, most of these materials are not at all environment friendly.

Chromium, aldehyde, solvents (from leather and synthetic materials), process chemicals (from textiles), Vinyl chloride monomer, and cadmium (from PVC) are a few environmental pollutants to be mentioned that cannot be decomposed, hence, jeopardizing our environment.

Is there a Footwear Brand that takes Sustainability seriously?
Is there a Footwear Brand that takes Sustainability seriously?

The footwear industry accounts fifth for the fashion industry’s environmental impact and generates 1.4% of global carbon emissions.

Lack of knowledge among commoners, artisans, and entrepreneurs too, is one of the reasons why sustainability isn’t considered yet in the footwear industry. Moreover, when production factories are finding cheaper and more easily available raw materials, they aren’t getting bothered to produce eco-friendly footwear from expensive and unattainable materials. Thus, the concept of fast fashion emerges rapidly among the consumers also.

Despite all these reasons, there are quite well-renowned brands that are considering out-of-the-box thinking to produce sustainable footwear. To name a few, Adidas, Converse, Allbirds, Nike, and Reebok are going in the direction of sustainability.

It’s already known that these are top-notch footwear brands. At the same time, it’s also known that a huge number of people won’t be able to afford these sustainable shoes.

Changing the environment won’t be coming from only a few people. Hence, it’s also important to keep in mind that affordability will be the next factor that comes into play.

Keeping sustainability and affordability in mind, there are a few footwear brands that have started to manufacture sustainable footwear. To name a few homegrown eco-friendly footwear brands, House of Prisca, Paaduks, and Greensole. Among them, NoStrain is also such company producing flip and flop slippers with 100% natural rubbers.

Funky flip-flops have been the most popular footwear among consumers as well as celebrities in recent years. Flip-flops, what we call chappals in India have been in increased demand.

Hence, with this popularity, NoStrain offers sustainable flip-flops for men and women.

NoStrain has used 65% sustainable materials in production and 100% in packaging. This is just the start and as we move ahead we are determined to escalate this percentage to 95% by 2025.

We are working hard to make sustainability our future. Along with that, we are trying not to pinch your pockets.

To check out our collection, visit our site at NoStrain – Fast Growing, Most Trusted Slippers & Flip Flops Online Store.

Is there a Footwear Brand that takes Sustainability seriously?